Lal Lal Photo Group

Neil Sinclair

Hobby: Photographer Neil Sinclair with photos from his exhibition. PICTURE: KATE HEALY 

NEIL Sinclair has something to share. 
The Ballarat grandfather opened his first photography exhibition on Wednesday. 
“You see things that are beautiful, and you want to share that,” he said. 
“I’ve always had a camera in my hand, since I was a boy.” 
Mr Sinclair’s work is mostly local landscapes, which he said was partly a product of his other hobby – cycling. 
“On a bike, you see things you wouldn’t in a car, when you’re just on the quickest route from A to B,” he said. 
He has taken pictures all over the world, including during a happy period walking around New York with his grandson, but has concentrated on Ballarat locales for this exhibition. 
“I want people to see you don’t have to go very far to see beautiful places,” he said. 
His wife Lorraine is also a photographer but was somewhat more shy about it. 
But there’s no competition, according to Mr Sinclair. “I’m just a snapper really, I take the photo and see what comes out,” she said. 
“She’s much better than me!” he said. 
By Ballarat Courier, April 9, 2015
Moorabool News

Helen Tatchell is a woman of many talents. Photographer, Editor and owner of the Moorabool News keeps Helen on the move. Where ever there is something happening in the area, Helen will be there, camera in hand.

Helen has kindly offered to judge this years Pictorial categories.

Barry Feldman has been a member of Corio Bay Camera Club since 1994 and is arguably their most consistently successful member; doing well in club, National and International competitions. He has held a number of committee positions over the years and is a Life Member of the club. Barry won the LLMPG Mayor's Choice in 2012.

Barry is judging this years Landscape entries

Jeremy Bannister

Photography has been Jeremy's life since he was a teenager. Jeremy left Australia early on and worked in England & America, specialising in music photography mainly. He returned to Australia, and changed to magazines and editorial.

Jeremy is judging our Black & White categories

Shanna Love

Shanna owes her interest in the arts to her High School Art Teacher. Not only did he infect her with his passion for painting he also introduced Shanna to the wonderful world of Photography when, for the first time, Shanna took and developed her very first photograph.

This passion coupled with her desire to explore the continent of Africa has lead Shanna to where she is today. Shanna has been to Africa numerous times now and it's amazing wildlife continues to call her back. There is something addictive about this dark continent that can only be truly understood once you have experienced it yourself. 

 Kate Both has always had an interest in all things creative. She has tried many types of crafts and has played the viola for just on forty years. Kate works as a teacher of violin and viola and has taught hundreds of young students over her 25 year career. 

Although Kate has only recently ‘taken up’ photography, an interest has been bubbling away since high school days where Kate learnt about photography and processed film and pictures in the dark room as part of a “Technical Studies” unit.

Previously frustrated with just a point and shoot camera on holiday, an overseas trip prompted the purchase of a Nikon DSLR. Kate joined the Ballarat Camera Club in 2010 to get some hints on how to use the camera before embarking on her holiday.

Kate been a part of the Victorian Camera Club movement for a short time, but in that time has been keen to learn more about photography by attending regular monthly club competitions, workshops and digital nights. Kate has scribed for judges in the Ballarat National Exhibition and was the coordinator of that competition in 2013 and 2014. Kate also served as Secretary for the Ballarat Camera Club in the years 2012-2014 and has been the Annuals coordinator since 2013.

Over the past five years, Kate’s photography has improved exponentially and her work is well recognised within the club and regularly selected for interclub competitions.  

Now that her two sons are grown up and finishing school, Kate hopes to have more time to producing more photographic works and enter into more local and National Exhibitions.

Mark Bevelander has a Diploma in TAFE Teaching and an Advanced Diploma in Electronics.
He has been the state-wide manager of the TAFE Virtual Campus as well as being responsible for the development and publication of accredited Victorian TAFE learning materials.

Mark has a strong involvement in the development of a number of websites which has included working with and creating e-books. 

He also has a strong background in working with national and international standards for digital repositories.

Mark’s personal interest is in photography and is currently a teacher in Photography at U3A and a member of the YMCA Camera Group. 

Mark is judging Macro this year

Cr. Paul Tatchell (Mayor) Moorabool Shire

Councillor Paul Tatchell has kindly agreed give to up his time to judge our "Best In Show" for this year's exhibition. Paul is a strong supporter of local community groups and has been very helpful to our group. Paul is also one of our sponsors for this year's trophies